Tanning Skin Preparation Instructions

Recommended Soap: Natural Liquid Castile soap
Recommended Exfoliant: Baking soda and water
Make a paste with baking soda and liquid castile soap and gently rub on skin with wash cloth, paying special attention to knees, elbows, hands, feet and heals.
The week prior:
Gently exfoliate and moisturize your body
Be careful about getting burned in tanning beds or outside
Exfoliate off any other tan product you have on your skin
The day of:
Do not moisturize your body or face
Do not apply deodorant/perfumes/colognes
When showering: Do NOT use any bar soaps…especially Dove products or deodorant soaps
If shaving: make sure you wash off shaving product residue with castile soap: recommended to shave 6 hours before your tan. Try to shower at least 1 ½ hours before coming to see us, ensuring the driest skin possible
After Your Tan:
You can not shower
Be very careful with water
Do not apply deodorant/perfume/cologne
Sleep in loose, over sized clothing until morning: DO NOT sleep nude
The Tanning Process:
Expect to be at your appointment for about 1 hour 
The tanning process takes approximately 30 minutes
The drying process takes about 20 minutes
You will feel slightly sticky for about an hour after being tanned

What to wear: 
Dark, loose fitting clothing- silky robe is the best
Flip Flops
Do not wear any RED: The RED dye in cotton will tend to turn your skin GREEN
If you need to wax, do this 7-10 days prior to your spray appointment. If you are accustomed to waxing, 3 days prior is adequate.
Tanning Bed:
If you choose to use a tanning bed for a base tan, DO NOT BURN! We cannot fix peeling skin.