Tanning FAQ

Will my Tan stain my clothing?
The solution will launder out of most fabrics, although we do not guarantee that. Please wear old clothing, or clothing you are not afraid of getting stained.

What should I bring to the Host Hotel?
If you are staying overnight at any hotel after being tanned, in order to not get charged for your  tan getting onto sheets or towels, please bring your own dark colored sheets and dark colored towels.

How long will the tan last?
Certain factors can affect the longevity of your tan.  Depending on the type of your skin, the frequency of showering and how many sweaty activities you typically partake in, your tan can last from 1-2 weeks.

How many coats do I need?
The number of coats needed depends on your skin type, elasticity, moisture level, and current base tan level.  The darkness of your tan also depends on what division you are competing in. Bikini and Physique competitors need to be a bit lighter than figure and bodybuilding athletes. Fitworld will spray you as many times as needed to get you the desired color.

What if I need tan touch ups?
Tan touch ups are included in FitWorld’s tanning service.  Touch up’s are done the morning of the show, typically in the same room as the original spray tanning service took place.  The time of touch up’s depend on the time of pre-judging, but typically take place 1-2 hours before the am competitor meetings.

What kind of Oil glaze should I use?
Fitworld does provide glaze for competitors.  If you plan to bring your own, it is best to check with the venue and/or show promoter to ensure that glaze is acceptable for that venue, as some venues restrict the use of glaze.